Why Employment Boost is One of the Best Outplacement Firms in 2019

The uncertainty of our economy’s ups and down, investing in an outplacement firm as an employer is essential. If you’re ever forced to fire an employee or make some serious layoffs within your company, they’ll be happy to know that you’re offering in outplacement.


The services offered by outplacement firms can act as the light at the end of the tunnel in the dreaded job search. It is a way to provide your employees with hope, even if firing one or more of your loyal team members is your only option. As an employer you’ll be faced with some difficult decisions, but investing in outplacement should not be one of them.


When searching for your outplacement agency, you’ll notice that there are plenty to choose from. Don’t spend too much time on the search process; all you have to do is give Employment Boost a call. This is one of the best outplacement firms in 2019, and here’s why.


Employment Boost is trusted by major corporations


Big and small companies all over the United States are investing in Employment Boost to ensure their employees’ futures. Ever heard of Lowe’s? Well guess what, this huge home improvement corporation trusts Employment Boost to offer outpatient services when things go south for their employees.


They offer a wide variety of outplacement services


Generally outplacement firms offers services like resume updating and career counseling. Employment Boost goes above and beyond in the services provided. Your terminated employees will have access to not only resume building, but all of these services: one-on-one consultation, customizable cover letter, LinkedIn profile development, SEO optimization, and job search coaching (just to mention a few).


They have several outplacement packages to choose from


No matter the size or nature of your company, Employment Boost has an outplacement package that will cater to your specific needs. Each package offers a full range of services and they have 6 packages to choose from. They all include the services we mentioned about and much more. Each package is priced based on individual employees.


The basic package starts at an amazing 45 days of support


Many outplacement agencies only offer 2 weeks of support after the termination happens. This is not always enough time to ensure the future of your employees. For this reason, Employment Boost feels that at least 45 days of support should be offered. This means that you can access the services offered here for 6 full weeks. This is the basic package; the other options offer 60-90 days of support.


Employment Boost is regularly rated with 5 stars across a number of platforms


Reading up on outplacement agencies before you invest one is extremely important. You want to make sure they will actually follow through on their promises. If you look into Employment Boost reviews and testimonials, you’ll see that people have nothing but good things to say about this agency.


EB receives 5 stars across the board on multiple platforms including Facebook, Yelp, Google, and SHRM. They have tons of success stories for finding terminated employees their next job opportunities.




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