Why College Is Not Always The Best Choice

We live in a very different world to what we used to and the dawn of the digital age really has altered the traditional way in which we do many things. Thanks to this birth of technology, many people are deciding to say no to college, and instead head straight into the world of work from a young age.


I have 2 children who are at college age and my eldest is just entering his second year in the wonderful Alabama A&M University, where he will dedicate the next couple of years of his life, learning as much as he can about the world of agriculture. My youngest son, has recently taken the decision to snub college, in pursuit of finding his own success, something which I do support. College provides a lot for kids, but it isn’t always the answer, and here is why.




The first thing to consider when you are deciding as to whether or not you want to pursue a college education, is the amount of money which it will cost. The average graduate leaves college with debts of near $100,000, and that is before they have even entered the world of work. Whilst the student loans which they take out have smart repayments terms and condition, from a psychological point of view, these young men and women need to come from behind if they want to win.


Dated Knowledge


There is a great amount of talk at the moment about how schools and colleges are teaching material which has no practical value, and is in fact very dated when we consider the world in which we are currently living. Mathematics and Science have their place, but the dependency on it over more practical life skills i something which has been questioned at the highest level. Many students just don’t think that it is worth it.


Time Wasting


Not every graduate is guaranteed great success when it comes to getting a job and many young men and women are looking at these people, and considering whether or not it is worth the effort. Three years in college is a long time if you don’t find success afterwards, and three years is also a great amount of  time to make something on your own. Many believe practical learning to be better than the classroom, and would rather spend three years making mistakes and learning about the world.


The Internet


Colleges and schools are not the only education institutes these days and with so much information available online, attending is no longer a requirement. You can find Harvard lectures online, full syllabus and courses from Yale, along with a whole host of highly educational material, which you can find in the comfort of your own home, on your laptop. If you are well disciplined, you can easily learn about almost anything through the internet, rendering some colleges and schools outdated, and useless.

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