Why choose concrete for your garage

Investing in a new garage is a great way to expand the living space of your home. It is an effective and affordable alternative than more expensive options such as an extension or upsizing. If you are creative enough, concrete garages can offer many possibilities in how you can adapt them in terms of living spaces, including cinemas, office spaces and gyms.

Once you have considered what purpose your garage will have you next need to decide its material. Garages can be manufactured using a variety of different materials using brick, stone or concrete. Concrete is the favourite material for garages for the many benefits and advantages it has in construction.

One main and clear benefit that concrete has for garages is that they are quicker to install, especially with leading companies such as Dencroft Garages, who have devised an interlocking fitting system whereby the unique panels are shaped to slot and slide together quickly and easily.  This unique ‘tongued and grooved’ style means concrete garages are therefore able to meet a fast turnaround for the clients.

Another benefit concrete has for garages is its strength and security. Concrete is incredibly durable and much better at withstanding harsh weather or potential break-ins than weaker materials. This makes it a perfect material for garages as their role and purpose in our home evolves. Garages today are home to much more valuable belongings, such as televisions, fitness machines or expensive gardening equipment, so a strong material is better.

Health and safety is now a more important requirement of garages than ever before. As more time will be spent by people residing or playing inside the garages, they therefore need to be safe and accommodating for the increase in time that is spent by people inside. Fire safety is a massive concern of garages and concrete is one of the best material to help combat this issue. Concrete cannot set alight like wood so it is much more fireproof as a material. Also, if a fire does occur, concrete doesn’t give off molten plastic or toxic fumes like other materials.

Finally, energy efficiency is a property that sets concrete garages apart from the rest. For both the health of the environment and our wallets, more and more homeowners are choosing to act in a more eco-friendly and green manner. Concrete has great thermal mass levels which means it can hold and absorb heat more than other materials. Using concrete for your garage is one of the many ways in which you can incorporate green living in your home and help you maximise your house’s energy efficiency.

Investing in a concrete garage not only adds value to your home but it also provides many homely benefits too. These are both long term benefits in the form of durability and energy efficiency but also short-term pros in the form of quick installation too, all of which contribute to making concrete the best material for modern garages and their newfound purpose and abilities.

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