Where to Find the Best Reputation Management Company

When looking for the best reputation management company make sure you look for one that is aware of all of the methods used by the industry. An unspoken secret is the use of what is known as a counterattack campaign, this is used when one particular company or individual has launched a smear campaign on you or your company and if it is not serious enough to sue for deformation of character or company. Sometimes the only option you have is to fight back and take the matter into your own hands. This is known as a counterattack campaign. The aim of the campaign is to convince the perpetrator that they no longer want to blacken your good name and to encourage them to stop doing so and to remove all negative materials.

This type of counter attack is only to be used in extreme circumstances where all other methods and options of improving your reputation have failed. Search engine algorithm can sometimes appear to be skewed towards negative comment and thus any negative articles can appear before positive ones, perhaps this is based on the interests of human nature! It is possible to get some of your negative content displaced through search engine optimization but as search engine algorithms change on such a frequent basis then the perpetrators attack can come back. If you use litigation to obtain a court order to remove something, then again active haters could come back on another site and it would be an ongoing ever costly battle to continue to get the items removed. The internet is not policed in a way that normal society is, it is a wild sprawling metropolis, things happen so fast and the internet is so vast that the policing of it in conventional ways is not possible. Consumer protection laws in the US give very little protection or assistance to online issues.

It is easier to destroy a reparation then recreate a positive one, in computing terms one post can destroy a reputation but you may have to optimize ten items of content to push a negative item onto page 2! The option of a counterattack can make this process so much quicker and simpler and if there is a lot of the same negative comments from the same user then this becomes an even more attractive option. It is also considered morally acceptable when the grudge of the attacker is not justified to the extent of the attack.

There are some issues with the approach however, very often the attackers do not have as much to lose as those they are attacking. They are not very often public figures or business owners therefore your pressuring tactics may simply not work, and they may refuse or even speed up their hate campaign against you.

You may also find that your perpetrator loves the attention that you are bestowing upon them, irrational people will behave very differently to how you may expect them to behave.

Sometimes a counterattack will also leave you in a more vulnerable position if you do have to involve the law system at some point. They will look less favourably upon you if you have launched a counterattack and the same could be said of the public.



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