What Do You Get to See when You Check Someone’s Background?

Lots of people want to know what comes up on a criminal background check. You can now order them online through a variety of different sources, and you will want to make sure that you pay for the most comprehensive one. Similarly, should someone run a report on you, you need to know what will come up.

What Is Shown on a Background Check?

When you perform a background check, a wealth of different records and reports will come up. However, only the ones that are classified as public records will be shown. This includes:

  1. Your criminal past.

If you have had your name written in a police report, it will show up. All types of criminal activity you have been involved in can be seen. If you were found to be not guilty, those records will still be there. Hence, it is vital that you look at what is written there. Criminal charges that you have ever faced will also be on that record. This includes illegal activities such as sex crimes, felonies, and misdemeanors.

  1. Your addresses and relations.

These reports also show up your past, in terms of where you live. In fact, some reports will show not just your address, but also who your neighbors were, what their ages is, and what their contact details now are. This information is particularly beneficial to landlords who want to make sure their potential tenants will be good tenants. It is also possible that the contact details of members of your family will be listed here.

  1. Other background information.

Good background reports are highly comprehensive. This is because they gather information from a wealth of different sources, thereby making sure that all details are uncovered. Hence, a lot of other pieces of information that people may find important can be included. Often, this has to be ordered separately, however, although not always. When you come to research the different background checks that are available, you will quickly find that the most expensive ones are also the ones with the greatest amount of detail.

Some information that you may also find relates to property ownership, past education, previous jobs, tax information, ownership records, marriages and divorces, bankruptcies, and license information.

Neighborhood Checks

When you order a background check, you will see that there is a non-personal section on the report as well. This shows details about the neighborhood in which you live. It looks at who lives there, the types of properties found, crime rates, and so on. This report will show whether sex offenders are listed as being in your neighborhood or not.

As you can see, a great deal of information shows up on background checks. You will be bombarded with facts and figures and you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by this. It is important, therefore that you lean to see the difference between various forms of crimes. In fact, there are laws and regulations in place to stop certain criminal offenders to work in specific areas and industries.

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