Westside Family Church: Living a Healthy Life Beyond Eating Well and Exercise

Finding happiness and living a good life are the goals the most humans on the planet. Finding happiness can come from a significant other and a family. I can also grow out of a job you love or education that you are taking part in.


Living a good life means being able to do things in life that are rewarding and pleasurable. With work being such a central part of our lives, we are often not in the position to enjoy the good things in life.


Living a good life also means having good health. When people think about good health the first things that come to mind eating well and exercising regularly. Eating well means making sure that you have it balanced diet that includes a full set of nutrients and limits things like refined sugar, too much salt, and fried foods all of which can deteriorate your health. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for the overall health of your body. Having a consistent program where you raise your heart rate, tone your muscles, and improve your flexibility, can decrease your chance of injury, illness, and depression. It can also make you look great and help you to undertake any challenge like brings.


In addition to diet and exercise there are other things that should be done to help you live a healthy life. Hero several that will improve the quality of your life every day.


Relieving Stress

Stress is a major culprit in stealing away happiness and good health. Because it is silent and because we react to it symptoms rather than directly to it, we often overlook stress as a major contributor. But stress has the effects of causing us to feel depressed, anxious, tired, and ill. We should take steps in our daily lives to relieve stress so that it does not become a health issue for us. Engaging in activities like hobbies, yoga, meditation, and even taking long walks allows us to disconnect from those things that are causing us stress and focus on those things that bring us happiness.


Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose means coming up with reasons for why you live your life the way you do, and you strive for your goals. Many of us struggle with our role on the planet and where we going. Without this direction and sense of purpose we can become confused, lost, and adopt behaviors that are destructive or counter-productive to happiness. Those people engage with a religion to help them find their bearings.


The most popular religion in the United States is Christianity and more than half of the country identifies as a Christian.  The Westside Family Church is a great example of where Christians gather to worship, have fellowship, and to Center themselves. But use the teachings and words of Jesus Christ to help set of moral and ethics code that they can follow throughout their lives. Following Jesus gives them a sense of purpose and helps them to have a healthy life.


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