Using Motorcycles As Alternative Transportation

We are now living in a world where fuel prices, pollution and road congestion are quite high. Nobody can be blamed for getting rid of the car and moving towards other transportation methods. There is actually a clear increase in the number of people that move around by cycling or walking. Bicycles are great alternatives as they are free to operate, highly mobile and are great for the environment. Unfortunately, the big problem is speed.

Boris Blanche highlights that cycling is definitely faster than walking but bikes are not allowed on motorways and bypasses. This makes the transportation suitable just for a short city commute. People now end up choosing motorcycles as an alternative since they are also highly mobile and can easily bypass most traffic jams.

Why are motorcycles gaining popularity? The main reasons that can be highlighted are presented in the following paragraphs.

Not As Harmful For The Environment

Motorcycles are not as harmful as the other road vehicles. The fuel consumption for a regular motorcycle is half that of most other cars on the market. Petrol is more expensive than ever so this basically means that when the motorcycle is used, money is saved and the environment is less-affected.


A second advantage that has to be mentioned relates to reliability. The motorcycle is fast and can be used on motorways and city bypasses. If you want to avoid the congestion of a city, this vehicle stands out as being ideal. However, this does not mean there are no differences that have to be taken into account. Road safety is something that has to be considered at all times.

Possible Motorcycle Transportation Disadvantages

When using a motorcycle, acceleration is very fast. Learning how to brake, take corners and shift is incredibly important. A motorcycle license test is going to teach drivers how to do just that but honing such skills is something that does take time. When looking at a car, braking is done by simply pushing a pedal. When looking at the motorcycle, your foot just controls rear brake. When a rear brake is used without also using the front brake at the same time, loss of control automatically happens. The motorcycle can easily end up flipping to the side.

It needs to be added that wearing proper protective gear is a necessity as you ride a motorcycle. In many countries around the world, wearing motorcycle helmets is mandatory. However, this is not enough. The rider still needs to wear extra protective gear, like leather trousers, jackets, boots and gloves.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle transportation does stand out as a wonderful alternative to the regular vehicle. However, in many cases we are faced with problems because of the fact that riders are not experienced enough. It is really important to use motorcycles only when you are 100% comfortable with motorcycle riding. Also, starting to use one that is less-powerful as you learn is recommended. Most accidents happen because the rider cannot properly control the bike as it moves at higher speed.

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