Top 10 Advantages of Google’s Cloud

53Google cloud has brought a great revolution in the field of IT. Cloud computing has been getting more popular for last few years and users are demanding it a lot as compared to any other technology. Cloud primarily includes accessing any application or software offline or working from anywhere but within a cloud virtually. Google docs is the best example of cloud computing because it offers users a lot of features and accessibility options. Let us now have a quick look on the top ten advantages of Google’s cloud.

Cloud Computing is a Primary Component of Google

Google has been working on cloud for more than ten years. Today, users are providing positive feedbacks regarding Google’s cloud and on basis of those, more improvements are being carried out with respect to technology as well as usage. For the normal users, Google’s cloud emphasizes on user demands, business needs, internet access, and availability of Google applications either online or offline.

Cloud Offers Faster Access to Users for More Productivity

The prime factor, which captivates users a lot, is speed and fast access of internet. This is what accomplished by Google’s cloud. Google makes updates on weekly basis for better results. One more step Google has taken for their valuable user is the development of its browser-based applications. This has also increased a lot of productivity in IT sector.

Cloud Offers New Functionalities with Less or No Interruption

The users may avail new functionalities of Google cloud, which are not available in any traditional technology. Users undergo many improvements in their works with very less technological disruptions. Moreover, people can learn and re-learn by making best use of Google cloud.

Employees Produce Productive Results from Anywhere

Google’s global infrastructure or cloud is a complete framework offering everyone an easy access from everywhere. Employees working in various organizations can access their data, disks, personal information, and can also manage workloads from almost everywhere. However, one thing should be kept in mind that the data of user is not kept at any particular computer but on a cloud virtually. Thus, users can access it from anywhere i.e. roads, restaurants, hotels, cafes, mobile devices, etc.

Cloud Provides Faster Collaboration

As we know that all data and information is kept in cloud rather than on any individual computer, this means that many users can work and communicate with one another simultaneously within the cloud in same browsers, operating systems, software, etc. For example, you need to make changes in a document, you just need to modify or update it in the cloud where everyone else can access it with ease. This approach will save you from downloading and resending the file.

Superb Security

Google has hired the most experienced, technical, and expert security specialists to protect their systems and necessary stored information on the cloud. Besides this, various protocols have been designed for better confidentiality, security, data encryption, and storage.

Less Data on Vulnerable Devices

To keep data more secure and efficient, Google cloud has kept all data stored on proper places. Very less quantity of data is provided for vulnerable devices and browser based applications. Moreover, when users access data from browsers, they are likely to save their cookies or history, which cloud has tried to eradicate. One more thing that Google considers is the data sensitivity. This refers to a fact that data is kept private to all organizations or users in some sense i.e. all agencies like FBI, CIA, etc. must have no or very limited access to the data.

Customers are More Comfortable with Google Cloud

Google sites are more reliable and all data on cloud is eligible to use for everyone. Users feel more comfortable than before. All websites are perfectly managed and up to the mark. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Groups, and Google Sites are all parts of Google cloud with almost 100% up time guarantee.

More Flexibility and Control

Google cloud will never let you lose control over technology. Customers feel more relaxed in moving and modifying their data in Google cloud. Moreover, Google has provided the task of perfect customization and flexibility to its developers and technical experts for best results.

Customers Spend Less                      

Customers save their time as well as money because they never need to pay anything related to proper licensing of any software or periodic replacement.

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