Surprising Things That Are Good For Your Business

Sometimes when you run a business, you go through a rough patch, but come out the other side much better off. The business world is full of ups and downs, and it can be particularly tough for a smaller business to survive in a difficult economic climate. However, many things that happen in businesses can be worked through, and here are a few things that can actually be good for your company.

Surprising Things

1. A lull in sales

If your company was constantly raking in the same amount of money, then you would soon become stagnant. However, a quiet period can actually be a good time for you all to regroup and look at:

  • Different markets and sales techniques
  • New products and services
  • The organisation of the business
  • How and where your employees work
  • How you will prepare for an upcoming busy time

There are lots of things you can do when things are quiet that are difficult to do when you are obsessed with fulfilling orders. Think of ways you can expand your business, even when times are tough.

2. A change of location

Many businesses only change location when they are forced too. Perhaps they have outgrown their premises, or their lease has expired, either way it’s not a choice to be taken lightly, and many business owners worry about the stress.

Yes, it’s a tough time for most companies, and moving a whole office isn’t always fun. However, it can open up a lot of opportunities in new areas, and it’s a great excuse for a relaunch. Think about getting some professional help during the move, from a moving firm to a company who can take your calls such as message-direct. This means that service won’t be interrupted when you move to a new area, and people can still get in touch during the actual move.

3. A new competitor

Most businesses get ruffled when competition moves to town, however, it can be a positive experience for your business. Again, it helps you out of a rut and forces you to take proactive measures to stay ahead. Whether it’s a re-launch, a new advertising campaign, or getting in touch with previous clients, a newbie moving to town means your business won’t just be treading water.

4. A loyal staff member leaves

If you’ve been running for a few years, your company will no doubt have a couple of ‘lifers’ in their team. They know their job, and others, inside out, and you wonder how you’d do without them. So when they hand in their notice, it can be quite a shock, and you may be wondering what to do.

As with all business related challenges, this is a good time to regroup and have a think about the structure of your firm. Are you really making the most of your staff’s skills and experience? An internal promotion can often be the best way of filling a vacancy, and you may find that the position that’s left can be filled by temporary or outsourced staff. Many lower level jobs are becoming obsolete, so moving your staff upwards to fill roles makes sense. You may even find that a fresh person in the role is to your benefit. They will be much more willing to embrace changes, and can give a whole new perspective to the department.

Every business of every size faces challenges, and these can be more pronounced when you are only dealing with a small team. However, every crisis can be turned into an opportunity; it just takes a little creativity and imagination on your part to turn things around.


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