Stylish Attire that Doubles for Safety

Stylish Clothing

Most people like wearing stylish clothes. There is a direct correlation between looking good and feeling good. The amazing thing is there are now stylish clothes that can protect you in a variety of ways. Below are some companies who have managed to combine style with true functionality.

Undercover Colors

Undercover Colors addresses the problem of women being unknowingly given date rape drugs and being sexually assaulted. One out of every six women are going to be assaulted. The number is staggering. They have given power back to women through the use of nail polish.

Undercover Colors has designed a nail polish with the ability to detect date rape drugs. All a woman has to do is polish her nails and then discretely dip one in her drink. If a date rape drug is in her drink her nail polish will change colors. This amazing idea, and stylish nail polish actually prevents sexual crimes.

Miguel Caballero’s Boutique

For anyone who enjoys a casual walk but is not in the best neighborhood, Miguel Caballero has you covered. He has designed a boutique full of well made stylish clothing. The clothing is also bulletproof.

This Colombian tailor has come to be called the armored Armani. His lone of clothing is both fashionable and discreet. It also has the ability to protect individuals who are faced with the danger of being shot every single day. He has taken fashion and turned it into protection. More information is available at

Clothing Providing Safety At Night

Cyclists and pedestrians traveling the roadways at night are in danger of being hit. The key to staying safe is being seen. The wrong type of reflective clothing is not the right answer to this problem.

There is a line of reflective jackets and shirts made to keep you visible. Unfortunately they usually can’t be seen from a great enough distance. You must be seen from the front as well as the back. Accessories such as battery operated wristbands and ankle bands are visible from 300 feet away. This is the amount of space a car needs to be able to stop when the car is traveling at 60 miles per hour.

Keeping yourself safe is imperative. There are products out there to help you accomplish this. Using these products is an intelligent choice and will help to keep you safe.