Score Big with these Super Bowl Party Health Tips

It seems like it was just yesterday that New Years was upon us, this is usually the time people opt for a healthier lifestyle. People begin gym memberships and healthy eating plans, but then Super Bowl Sunday creeps up. Even if you are not a fan of football, the show can be entertaining and filled with funny commercials and a great half time show. In addition to all the entertainment we are often surrounded by a smorgasbord of food. Here are a few tips to help stay on track during one of the highest food consumption days of the year:

Eat before the game
Don’t wait until the party to eat, begin the morning with a healthy breakfast. Eating something nutritious right before the party will help satisfy any hunger and reduce the chances of gouging during the game.

Work out
Wake up and work out, take a 30 minute walk or jog to break a sweat and get your metabolism going. Take advantage of this day to push yourself to your limits, you could reward yourself later with a delicious cheat snack.

It may sound simple, but it is vital to staying on track with your health resolutions. Try to maintain the minimum of 64 oz. During the game if you consume a different beverage, drink a glass of water soon after. This will help keep you full longer and help reduce regretful calorie intake.

Make and take a healthy dish
Others may be consuming unhealthy dishes, but giving yourself a healthy option does wonders for the waistline. A simple but popular dish is chips and guacamole. Guacamole can be modified many ways, so coming up with your own version will make others realize how delicious and healthy avocados are.

Take a snack pack
Take some Ziploc bags filled with healthy snacks to reduce the temptation. When pizza appears take out a snack bag of apples slices or celery sticks. Choosing simple and small things will help maintain those healthy choices.

Enjoy and have fun
There are plenty of healthy game day recipes available online as well as an abundance of healthy eating tips (check out Mannatech’s blog), some popular ones are buffalo cauliflower bites, sweet potato french fries, and popcorn. It’s Superbowl, and it’s a fun day, be mindful of your decisions and enjoy the game! If you keep to your routine and keep the indulges to a minimum it is okay to have two buffalo wings, or one slice of pizza, or even a small plate of chips and dip.