Sandy Petrocelli: Electrical, Plumbing and Repair are Common Handyman Jobs

Owning a home means that you can expect to constantly have things inside that home that do not operate properly. Many of these things you’ll simply throw away and buy new versions. Others you will need to repair.


In terms of repair there are 3 options. The most expensive option is to call a professional who will charge you a lot of money to fix what is broken. You might also have to wait for this person, depending on how busy he is. ¬†The second option is to do it yourself. This certainly is the least expensive route to take however if the job does not come out the way you need, there’s no recourse and no one to blame except yourself.


The middle ground for these two options is to do like Sandy Petrocelli does and call a local handyman. A handyman is someone who has expertise in many home repair jobs. Technically he is not a professional because he probably didn’t go to school to learn to fix things, but he has a lot of experience fixing many different things around the home.


A handyman will work like a professional at a fraction of the cost, and deliver a professional job. So you pay less money, you don’t have to do the job yourself, and if the job is not to your liking, you can always blame the handyman.


My handyman will typically be able to assist on electrical, plumbing, and repair jobs around your home. Here’s a sample of some of the jobs that a handyman can be expected to perform:


 Electrical Jobs


The handyman will understand how the electricity goes through your home and is delivered to your appliances. For this reason a handyman can typically work on any part of your home’s electrical system including the circuit box, light switches, electrical boxes, and wiring. He can add or replace light fixtures, and run new electrical boxes inside or outside of your home.


Most importantly a handyman understands the dangers of electricity and knows how to disconnect the current in any part of your home so he can work safely and securely and there is no danger to you or your family. When he has completed his electrical job, he will let you know that everything is in order and guarantee his work.


Plumbing Jobs


A handyman most household plumbing problems. This includes clogged sinks and toilets, broken faucets and shower heads,and even fix broken pipes in the plumbing system. He will know how and where to turn off the water in your home so that he can complete his work without creating a flood.


He can also replace Plumbing fixtures including faucets, shower heads and handles, and some handymen can even replace a bathroom or kitchen sink.


Repair Jobs


A handyman can repair windows, doors, broken tiles, falling wallpaper, broken mirrors, and just about anything else damage in your home. Outside of the home a handyman can repair a broken driveway, install a sprinkler system, and many can install outdoor lighting in areas of your home that are not well lit.


A handyman might just be the most useful tool around the home. Because they have such a broad skill set, it is important to always have the phone number of a good handyman.


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