Reasons to track user activity in the workplace

If you are a workplace boss or owner of a company then you will often run into several issues regarding computer usage and your employees.  Unfortunately, short of staring at the computer screen of an employee you expect to be wasting company time during the day or misusing their computer, there is not much you can actually do in order to concretely prove their misbehaving, except track their user activity.  If using tracking software, each employee has their own username and password to the system, which identifies them to the tracking software, meaning you can specifically see who exactly is wasting company time or misusing the computers.


The most important thing to have in the workplace is great productivity.  Employee productivity can be enhanced by target based rewards, occasional office treats or increases in pay.  This accounts for the employees that come to the workplace to work, however, it’s common to find employees that come, goof around on their computers all day and then go home.  If you track user activity it can deter them from wasting time by reminding them that they are being tracked and watched.  If that doesn´t work, you can always present their activity to them and ask for an explanation for their time wasting.

File access privileges and usage

On occasions, employees can abuse their computer privileges and be up to no good.  It can be anything from fraud to accessing private information that they have no business to be accessing.  Using software like this is an excellent way to ensure your employees are in check and not accessing things that shouldn’t be.  Take a hospital for example, if a user has access to patient records for viewing purposes, there is no need for them to be saving the files and sending them to another person via email, if the hospital is tracking this, they can ensure that patient records are kept safe and avoid any kind of future complications by catching it right away.

Illegal computer misuse

Downloading pirated videos, music or software is illegal in the United States, so if an employee is downloading stuff while a work then it could prove problematic on a legal level.  Many people are receiving lawsuits from publishers regarding the downloading of illegal material from their internet connection, if an employee is doing this then the company itself may receive some sort of letter regarding pirating.  Tracking the employees and checking that they are not doing things like this will be beneficial to a business to avoid situations like lawsuits.


There are many more benefits to employing tracking software, the above are just some but considering just the above points your business can become more proactive, avoid employees abusing their privileges and avoid possible lawsuits through computer misuse.  Peace of mind is a great thing when running a business and tracking employees is how you can get it.



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