Pitfalls Every Wannabe Wedding Photographer Should Know About

If you are pretty handy with a camera and wish to make some money from it, wedding photography is a great place to start. I have been snapping weddings for around 10 years now with my buddy Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida resident like myself and one of the best editors that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Throughout the last decade I have learned a great deal about both photography and wedding photography in general and whilst this is a great option for you to make some extra cash, it is not without its problems. Going into something with your eyes open is the best way in my opinion and so if you want to start making some money in this game, here are some of the problems which you should expect.

Getting Off The Ground

The first issue which you are likely to run into is actually getting started in the first place. There is an incredible amount of competition when it comes to wedding photographers and people prefer to go with someone that has experience. For this reason you must do all that you can to land those first few gigs, whatever it takes. You should be attending wedding fairs every weekend and if a family member happens to get married, you should really force the issue that you can do the job for them.

Time Consumption

I was quite naive when I first started taking photos of weddings and I genuinely thought that I could turn up for the photos on Saturday, develop on Sunday and Bob’s your uncle, this was not the case. In actual fact, taking wedding photos consumes a great amount of your time, you need to meet with the couple for any requirements that they may have, turn up on the day, develop the photos, pick the best photos for presentation and then get the albums sorted. If you are doing this as a way to earn money on the side, you need to work hard on finding balance between your two jobs.

Cost of Equipment

When you are starting out, it makes sense to look professional and have the best equipment that you can, something which can be difficult to achieve when you are not yet earning. The other issue is that equipment for this kind of job does cost a lot of money and you will need to save up hard or buy something each time you earn.

People Pleaser

It is worth keeping in mind that there is no way that you are going to please everyone with the photos that you have taken, as hard as you try. You see it is not just the bride and groom that you need to keep happy, you also need to listen to the demands of other family members about which is their ‘best side’ etc. The trick here is to simply please the people paying your wages, do that and you cannot lose.

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