Ones to Watch: 2017’s Top Startup Businesses

Why Choose A Startup Business In 2017?

Launching your own startup business will require a little work and sufficient business knowledge, but it can be the first step towards your financial freedom. Seemingly, this year has become the right time to take the initiative of becoming your own boss and enjoying want you do. Liberate yourself from being overworked, underpaid, or unappreciated by your employer by creating a startup business.

Top 5 Startup Businesses Of 2017

Fortunately, co-founder and CEO, Tyler along with co-founder and COO Steve, have put a perspective on resolving the incidents of rape with the date rape drug through wearable technology. The Raleigh, NC based Undercover Colors ( sets the precedent the invention of wearable technology and startup businesses. Putting your finger in a class with their wearable technology will indicate the presence of date rape drugs in any beverage within minutes. A startup business like Undercover Colors can save lives and transform the future.

Eaze is a streamline startup business that ensures California residents get their medical marijuana from local dispensaries. Forbes has them featured as one of the highest paid startup’s of 2017 with a worth of $13M. Surprisingly, they offer a 15 minute delivery time with an eighth for $25. Their online application is still in the beginning stages because of state regulations and statues while successfully competing with other startups including GreenRush and Nugg.

Are you interested in an amazing chat that allows you to instantly see each other face-to-face and notify someone when you’re available to chat? HouseParty is a popular 2017 social networking app that is utilized by many young. This amazing startup business allows you to find a party any time and any where. Have a party in your own home and let them bring the fun. They continue to grow strong amidst growing competition.

Drones are here to stay and the air space that they utilized with soon be regulated by startup business AirMap ( They are well known for being an airspace intelligence company navigating drone air space. AirMap also creates drone technology, software, and parts. Their goal is to provide a quality flight plan for drones similar to current aircraft navigation.

These startup businesses will be talked about and highly sought after services in the new year, innovating the lives of millions of people on a global scale.