NFL Players Who Have Gone into Real Estate After Retirement

St Louis Cardinal fullback Jim Otis prepared for his retirement years. He planned to dive into real estate with a fellow classmate from Ohio State University. They made Otis and Clark Properties into a successful full service real estate business located in St. Louis. His partner is Clark Amos.

They offer clients all the services and work hard to make thing happens. That is what sets them apart, says Jim Otis. The two partners have a bond from attending the same university and coming from the same state. Jim finds real estate sites and negotiates deals and Amos manages property and construction.

They have been involved in real estate since 1982. Their work involves office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and a Starbucks located in Ferguson, MO. The Starbucks model was based on the company’s desire to open a store in a more diverse neighborhood. Otis began working in real estate during his off seasons when he played football. He trained for his second career early.

Both men take pride in their ability to find businesses a location that means success. They stay focused on each deal and treat each one differently. Their real estate company has a staff of five people. They have made more than enough to retire but love the work so they continue working at Otis & Clark Properties.

Than Merrill, former linebacker for the Chicago Bears started in real estate investing more on a whim after a career-ending knee injury in 2003 sidelined him from his NFL dream. He gained notoriety in the real estate world after his business CT Homes, LLC, based out of New Haven, CT was featured on the A&E TV Show “Flip This House” for several seasons. The show focused on house flippers, and Than and his business partners were extremely successful at it.

After 5 seasons, Flip This House ended and Than and his team started a new business in San Diego, California. The company’s main goal was to educate young real estate investors on the tools and tricks of the trade. His company, Fortunebuilders helps those looking to make a living in real estate investment by hosting seminars and educational conferences around the U.S.  For over ten years now, Than has educated thousands of people on how to become succesful in real estate and writes articles on a variety of real estate topics for The Huffington Post ( and several other online publications.