More than Just a Television Set

The company's logo is seen on the Apple store in WashingtonThe first working television set was made by Philo Farnsworth in 1927. Since its invention, it has managed to create a huge audience for itself. Everyone looks at it and makes use of it to fulfil individual needs. For some, it is a source of entertainment after a hard day of work. For others, it helps to burn stress and diverts mind from personal issues, at least for a brief period of time. The internet has changed the world too. It has made the flow of communication and information practically cost free. The internet has added to new areas of entertainment. Everyone likes to watch sports or matches or any show that they have missed online. People can even watch live streams online. Video sites like Youtube and Metacafe are very popular. Now imagine a television set that had internet connectivity. It feels almost too good to be true. But yes it has finally happened. Samsung has come up with the world’s first Smart Social TV.

This TV allows users to search for content of their preference online. It has been shipped out in many parts of the US and is selling well. These television sets have a new interface called the Smart Hub. It does a remarkable filtering of available content. This allows viewers to actually watch more TV than to sit and spend more time scrolling channels. There are many new apps in this TV. It has 5 menu panels which help viewers to navigate through available content. It pin points what is playing in the present and suggests which shows to watch in the future. It has a feature called S-recommendation. This feature helps to shortlist programs on TV based on the viewer’s habits and preferences. Like some modern day laptops and gaming consoles, this television set comes with gesture controls too. This eliminates the use of a remote control. It includes Smart View that enables viewers to shift content from the television to any of their connected devices, while watching a program in real time. Users can also access a few on demand services too, like Fox Now( which features shows aired on the Fox network), Spotify, music streaming services and bilingual network Univision. People can also organize their personal videos, music and photos on the Smart Hub itself. They can view content shared on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Samsung has planned to launch its new home audio systems with 2.2 channel Giga Sound systems. These sound systems also enable playing music through Bluetooth enabled devices. They come with a range of features such as cool lighting and DJ effects. These audio systems are sure to compliment the new range of Samsung Smart Social TVs. These television sets will be equipped with a quad-core CPU to enhance your TV’s performance exponentially. This has been done to ensure lag-free multitasking. This new TV would allow users to download various apps. If we talk about the display of these television sets, they are either available as LED or Plasma screen models. The sizes of the screens range from a gigantic 46 inches to 75 inches for most models. These television sets include a built in camera, capable of face recognition too. The Samsung Smart Social TVs support video calling through Skype as well, just like you’d do on your smartphone.

Samsung has really thought of different ground breaking concepts to dictate pace in the television and entertainment consumer goods market. They have also launched a device that is moderately priced to permit existing Samsung television sets to offer similar features just like the of Samsung Smart Social TVs. This device is called the Samsung Evolution Kit, which allows users to upgrade their existing television sets to offer multiple interactive options. This device is expected to be launched around the month of May in 2013 and would be priced around $299. It should be noted that only selected Samsung models manufactured in 2012 are compatible to the Evolution Kit. So as a consumer, do your research and make sure that your Samsung television set supports this device, before you go and buy it. Samsung claims that the Evolution Kit would enable users to upgrade their television sets every year, without having to buy a whole new television set.

Whether you can afford the Samsung Smart Social TVs or the Evolution Kits, right away or not, you can’t ignore this wonderful experience.

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