Key Features of HTC Windows Phone 8X

54HTC has recently launched its latest device providing numerous features to users. This latest version of HTC is comprised of Windows operating system and is of model 8X. The Windows operating system used by the phone is Windows 8. Let us give a quick look at features of this latest HTC device.

Powerfully Personal

This Windows phone by HTC offers you bold colors and unique looks. Its design is best and it provides users with numerous facilitates i.e. 4G, LTE speeds, 4.3 inches screen, and awesome audio beats. Moreover, you can now stay more organized with Microsoft outlook and live messenger available in this device.

As Per User Expectations

This phone consists of almost everything, which any user may want. In simple words, it has been successful in fulfilling user demands and needs. It is fast, efficient, cost-effective, reliable flexible, durable, and extremely beautiful and good looking. In addition to this, this fabulous device is going to provide you almost everything you need including instant access to few important things. The best part is that while accessing information, the users will not need to go through complex technology layers and architectures.

High-Quality Sound

Users can enjoy more clear sound than before and can have more entertainment now with HTC Windows Phone 8X. Extremely efficient and best quality audio entertains the users in the best way. It provides a software equalizer for high sound outputs as well. Besides this, it allows users to have best audio as well as video.

Awesome Design and Display

Windows 8 phone of HTC facilitates the users with the most thin design and bold colors. It is perfect creation and developers as well as designers have put their best efforts for making it possible. The brightest 4.4 inches display screen allows users to enjoy lots of games and videos with lots of clarity. Moreover, image results are also shown beautiful through this awesome display. In addition to this all, device is too thin and soft, which is why users love it without any doubt.

Capture Life Best Moments

An awesome camera is provided on the back as well as front side, which enables users to capture the precious life moments at their best. HD camera with 1080p is provided in the phone and allows users to capture images, videos, memorable events, and lots more. Later on, users can share their stuff with their friend through dropbox, skydrive, or any cloud application.

SMS Messaging

Not only a text message but also users can send anything they wish through SMS. For example, they can send any video clips, photos, images, etc. to anyone they want.

Awesome Battery Life

Battery provided in this phone is super awesome providing users with 1800 mAh capacity along with 11.3 hours talk time. Standby time of battery is 12 days.

Fastest Processor

Mobile device is always known by its processor and HTC has always beaten all other products in this regard. Processor used in this device is Qualcomm 1.5 GHZ dual-core. It has superb processing speed providing many features to users i.e. multitasking, multiprocessing, multisharing, and lots more.

Many features exist but we have listed a very few. HTC Windows Phone 8X is of its own importance and uniqueness and is being demanded a lot by users. It is extremely cost effective and its internal memory is extendable up to 8 GB. However, its price varies day by day as per user demands but remains in between $50 to $100. It comes in various colors i.e. blue, yellow, California blue, and lots more. Last but not the least; if you are in a mood to purchase this device, do not be late, and make a blind choice regarding this handset. This is for sure going to entertain you at its best.

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