Joseph Cianciotto talks about marketing trends in 2018

Gone are the days when marketing was a company spending millions on billboards across the country. Now, it’s much more accessible, with even smaller businesses getting in on the act. Sure, it helps to be armed with those elusive dollars, but it’s certainly not the be-all and end-all and there’s potential for a shrewd, small business to make huge developments with an innovative marketing strategy.

2017 certainly brought plenty of these strategies and fortunately, this seems to be the path for this year as well. Joseph Cianciotto is a man who knows all about the field and the best methods to use within it, as we question him on what trends we should expect to see in relation to marketing over the next twelve months.

Trend #1 – Watch out for personalization

It could be said that this is the biggest thing to watch out for. Personalization is just coming onto the horizon, but once it’s in full flow you can expect every company to jump right on board.

For those unaware, the game is in the name here. Personalization refers to a user’s journey being tinkered based on the way that the website perceives them. A lot of cookies are pieced together to find this out, and it means that different demographics can see different content. For example, a retired person in New York might see something different to young person in California.

This is something that is now being made available in some of the most popular CMS platforms, so one can only imagine that it’s just a matter of time before it really takes off.

Trend #2 – The rise of social messaging apps

This is perhaps one of the more surprising trends, and it’s actually been in countries like Brazil where it’s really taken off first. The US and UK are steadily jumping on board and the signs are that 2018 could be something of a breakthrough year in this regard.

In short, we’re referring to the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger being used by companies as a way to communicate with customers. For years we’ve been used to such apps as being standalone, but now they are being integrated into business communications with stunning effect. One only has to look at the likes of Pizza Hut and IKEA, both of whom have opted to use these apps.

Trend #3 – Combining paid data sources

For a long time it would be fair to say that it’s been very difficult to manage a campaign’s success when it has been split over several different media channels. For example, while a direct comparison might have been conducted between AdWords and LinkedIn, being able to compare the data granularly was something that was nigh-on-impossible unless you wanted to spend hundreds of hours in Excel.

Fortunately, it’s now becoming possible to combine and compare these media channels. Tools have now become available that facilitate this and while there are some concerns over how much they cost, one can only assume that the prices will start to decrease as the popularity grows.

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