Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman – The Most Likely Weather Jobs You Can Land

With the economies around the world picking up, searching for a job today in your chosen field has gotten much easier. For the last decade graduates were more often than not forced to work outside of their fields because there was simply not enough jobs to accommodate the graduates in a large number of fields. This includes many in the science fields who have gone through their undergraduate studies and even specialized. With many job opportunities opening up in science there is relief and high expectations across the board.


One specific field of science that has a range of high paying jobs is the study of the atmosphere and the weather called meteorology. This field is a combination of research and action and assists everyone from companies to governments plan their operating models. It also helps regular people to determine how to dress and where to live.


Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere and everything contained in it and the well-trained professionals who study the atmosphere are meteorologists. They are trained to use a combination of science and mathematics to understand weather patterns and their causes with a goal of comprehending the weather that has already occurred and anticipating the weather that will come in the future. Weather is complicated and one of the most important aspects of our world so meteorologists play a very important role in our lives on a daily basis.


Those with a degree in this field typically specialize in one of several fields and each has its own specialties and demands. Of course every meteorologist wants to be a weatherman like Santa Maria California based Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman, but these jobs are very few and only those with an exceptional range of skills will be hired. However the other popular jobs each also pay well and are in high demand. Here is a list of the most popular fields of specialization for meteorologists.


Atmospheric Researcher

There is a field in meteorology that has become prominent of the past few decades as discussions around the fact that too many fluorocarbons are in the atmosphere and climate change have taken center stage. This is the field of climate researchers who seek to understand and learn from how the atmosphere and gases it is made of interrelates with the earth’s other important systems. This symbiotic relationship and forms the ecosystem that is vital for the life of plants and animals on the planet and their job is to both understand and then suggest changes we need to make in order to create a harmonious balance. These specialized meteorologists have been at the forefront of the climate change argument and have lobbied governments around the world to enact laws limited the amount of carbon emissions companies and government can legally emit. They work closely with a bevy of other scientists including oceanographers to compare data and create suggestions that will keep us all alive.



One important aspect of a meteorologist’s job is trying to understand long term weather patterns. The specialists who focus on this all the time are called climatologists. They look backwards in an attempt to understand and predict what we can expect from our weather. The discipline looks at the weather patterns around the entire globe because weather is influenced by both local and international conditions. These professionals track large storms and other weather systems in an attempt to see how they react on their own and when they run into other systems with similar or different conditions. This field of study is becoming more important as climate change has begun to cause major shifts in weather patterns.


If you have a love for the weather and the atmosphere and are good at science and math, you might find a great career in one of these fields.


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