How to Use Aluminum Roof Ladders in Dangerous Situations

It will come as no surprise that ladders are dangerous. Every year they are involved in many different accidents. The main reason for this is because people ignore the safety advice, incorrectly using the ladder. However, there are also situations in which is considerably be dangerous to use a ladder, even if you follow all the safety precautions. For instance, working with aluminum roof ladders will always present particular dangerous.


Tricky Situations with Aluminum Roof Ladders


Sometimes you have to work around specific hazards. Great heights, such as a roof, confined spaces, uneven surfaces, those are all situations in which it may not be truly safe to use a ladder. It is very important, therefore, to make sure that if a ladder is used in this tricky situations, it is done properly and safely. This means completing a proper assessment of the dangers at hand, and it also means using the right kind of ladder.


Consider uneven surfaces for instance. Perhaps you have to paint the ceiling of your stairway. You should never place a step ladder or regular extension ladder on your stairs. You are almost guaranteed to have an accident if you do this. There are however, combination ladders that would be perfect to complete this job. These ladders are like a platform ladder, while at the same time being able to take on the safe position on stairs.


Working in confined spaces also presents its own dangers. Sometimes a ladder simply cannot lean at the correct angle to be really safe.  In those cases, a set of steps or a platform would be more suitable. However should the  area to be reached be at a significant height, then these ladders won’t reach enough.  The best thing to do in this case, is to take a reverse look. Think not about climbing up but about climbing down instead. A good quality aluminum roof ladder hangs down from the roof. This means you can easily get yourself into a confined space while still being safe on the ladder.


Aluminum is almost always the most suitable material for ladders. It is lightweight but incredibly durable, which means that it will easily be able to carry both your weight and that of any tools you need to have with you. However, there are situations in which aluminum ladders are absolutely not suitable. In fact they are downright dangerous. An example of this is working near any electricity. Aluminum is a conductor, which means you would put yourself at incredible risk of sustaining an electric shock. The shock alone is enough to potentially perform a lethal injury, but so is falling off the ladder.


Always remember the basic rule, which is that all ladders are dangerous. They can however, be used in a safe manner so long as you follow the relevant safety instructions and treat these letters with the respect they deserve.  Do not think that an accident won’t happen to you as it is always only just around the corner.

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