How to Sell Autographs on CDs

If you own a CD that has been autographed by the artist, you may want to sell it. In fact, a lot of people who want to sell autographs do so through signed CDs. The reason for this is that the market for autographs is really big particularly for real celebrities. Hence, you could receive hundreds of dollars for a signed CD.


How to Sell Autographs on CDs


Before you decide to sell your autographed CDs, you must understand how to calculate how much money you will be able to get for it. For instance, should you have an autograph of Kurt Cobain from Nirvana during his prime, you will be able to collect up to several thousand dollars for that. Cobain was incredibly popular in his time, and because of his untimely suicide people will pay a lot of money for anything that remembers him. Should your autographed CD also be dated, and should that date be very close to the day of his death, then you really have a unique item worth thousands.


Compare this to a signed CD buy Miley Cyrus, for instance. Miley Cyrus is still very much alive, and while she is popular and loved and perhaps even talented, she does not yet have the Legendary status someone like Cobain obtained. As a result, a signed CD by Miley Cyrus will definitely not bring in thousands of Dollars. However even her autographed CDs can vary in price depending on when they were signed.


One of the things you have to consider, is how much you would like to raise through the sale of your CD. Once you know that, there are a number of options available to you. One of those is to go directly to a collector will buy it from you outright. The price will likely be just below fair comma and this is the easiest thing to do. The price will be lower than fair because the Collector wants to sell it and make a profit. However, they will not rip you off so long as you have chosen A reputable one.


Another option is to go to a convention. However this means you would need more than one CD so that you have a table to Phil. Selling at a convention costs money, so it is not worth doing this for just a single CD period if you only have one CD, a better option would be to use an online auction site period one of the greatest benefits of this is that people from all over the world will be able to see your CD.  this means more people will bid for it and the price may increase significantly as a result. On the other hand, there are few guarantees that you will get the money that you had hoped for when selling through an online auction site.


Either way, when you have an autographed CD, you have something that is a value to someone whether you’ll be able to get thousands hundreds or just a couple of Bucks for it, depends on the range of different factors.

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