How to Keep The Heat In This Winter

If you are living in a cold region then the winter is not quite over yet and it is not too late for you to start making some change that can ensure that your remain warm in your home, until spring comes along. As can happen with an Indian summer, winter can often arrive much later than we expect and this is why it is crucial that you take necessary action to keep yourself warm.


Whilst it was a little later than planned, last week I had the guys from CBI Tulsa in to change my windows, a job that was long overdue, but has had a great impact on the temperature in the home. If you want to ensure that you keep the heat in this winter, here is what you should be looking at.




One of the keys to staying warm is not just about heating the property, but actually ensuring that the heat which is created in the home, stays in. In order to do this you need to ensure that the insulation which you have around the home, is in full working condition. This includes checking your windows to ensure that they are properly sealed, checking both the front and the back doors of your property to also ensure that they are well sealed, and that there is no draft. Finally you should also check your basement and loft to ensure that they are not leaking air, if they are, it is time to get your insulation re-done.




It is never too late to get your boiler checked and serviced, especially when you are in the middle of winter. You may not think that your there is anything wrong with your central heating because it is pumping out the heat, but this is not always a good indication that there is nothing wrong. A simple service will be able to tell you whether or not the heating system is firing on all cylinders, and of course you can have it fixed whatever the issue may be. A central heating system with issues could be using more energy than the heat it is giving out, or it could be putting out significantly less heat than is needed.


Following Rules


In terms of staying warm in the house, it is not always up to insulation and central heating, the rest of it is up to you and if you have some rules in place regarding what everyone in the home should be doing, you can make sure that everyone stays that little but warmer. These include simple things like keeping doors and windows closed so that heat doesn’t escape, putting an extra layer of clothing on when it is really cold, as well as making sure that the curtains are closed as often as possible, so that they can act as a draft excluder.


Follow these tips and make sure that you stay warm this winter.

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