How to Find Autographs for Sale and Make a Profit

If you would like to earn a bit of money by selling autographs, one way to achieve that is to find cheap but genuine autographs for sale at auction. You can then sell them on and potentially make a profit. One of the easiest ways to do that is to purchase a full autograph collection and then sell each of those individually.


Where to Find Good Autographs for Sale


There are many online sites and auction places that sell autograph books. Those books should contain lots of signatures and many of them may be worth quite a lot of money. If you are able to get your hands on such a book, two options then become available to you:


  1. You can take each of the autographs and sell them as individual pieces in your own auctions, such as on eBay.
  2. You can take the autographs out of the book, mount them with a picture of the person who signed them, and sell those individually. This takes more work but can also lead to greater profits.


Autograph collections are also a great way to make more money. While the ultimate collector wants to build a full set, many of them already have most of the pieces they look for and only want one or two more. For instance, if you have all the autographs of a 1981 NFL team, a collector may simply want one of those. After all, most of their fun is in finding the individual pieces, not purchasing a full set and being done with it. So focusing on collections is also a great way to make some profit, although there is also a chance that you are left with some autographs nobody wants.


So where do you find these collections of autographs in the first place, while at the same time making sure you pay a fair price? One little trick is to use eBay and to misspell the name of the person who signed the autograph. If the seller made that mistake, it is less likely that they will be found in the search results, which means you could grab yourself a bargain. On the other hand, ,this is quite rare. A better option is to go to local auction houses and registered websites. The main reason for that is because they are more likely to  guarantee that the piece is actually authentic. If you don’t get a certificate of authenticity with the autograph, you are likely to have to get them yourself, which can cost quite a bit of money, eating into your prospective profits.


Making money by selling autographs is possible but it will take a long time. It is also unlikely that it will ever make you rich, unless you happen to stumble upon a long lost autograph by someone really famous in the back of a book or when clearing an attic, for instance. However, it is also a lot of fun and it will give you an appreciation of history, be that movies, music, the arts, politics, sports, or any other area.

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