How To Ensure That You Get The Right Staff For Your Job

Finding staff is not always a difficult task for businesses, but finding the right staff is absolutely crucial. In a world where competition for business is so high, the one thing that sets companies apart from each other and encourages customer loyalty, is service, and that starts with you staff.


The problem with not getting the right staff first time, for whatever job it may be, is that training a member of staff and managing them until you realize that the fit isn’t right, costs both time and money, so it is worth putting the effort in from the outset, to get the best staff that you possibly can. If you are looking toppled gaps in your business, here are some ways in which you an go about it.


Temp Staff


There is nothing to say that you absolutely have to contact someone long term, and you could instead look to rely on temporary staff or shift workers. Naturally this can come with some uncertainty but with maps such as ShiftPixy, it really doesn’t need to. This application allows you to upload the shifts that you need to be filled, and then it connects them with workers in your locality with the right skills, who are available to work these shifts, the perfect solution.




When you are looking for new permanent staff, the key is to get your vacancy out to as many different outlets as possible. Here you should not only use the various job sites, but also look to use social media to get the right person. If you get the advertising right, you have a better chance of getting the right sort of candidates, and so you should look into specialist communities too. For example if you want a new accountant for your business, look out for accountancy groups in Facebook or perhaps job pages which are solely for accountants. It is in these smaller groups where you are more likely to find the cream of the crop.


Seeking Out


There is absolutely nothing wrong with headhunting for your new position and social media site for professionals, LinkedIn, is the best place to do it. On LinkedIn you can look for staff who have as specialization in this particular field, you can view their resume, their skills and their experiences straight from their profile, and if you like what you see, you can contact them. Flipping the job vacancy on its head and actively seeking someone who can fill it, rather than selecting from those that wild like to fill it, gives you a far better chance of getting the right person for your job.


The best bet is to use all three of these methods to find someone for your vacancy, it may seem time consuming but I can assure you, put the work in now, and it will save you a great deal of work in the future.

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