How to Copy YouTube Videos with Movavi Screen Recorder

Have you ever wanted to save a copy of a particular YouTube video on your hard drive? If it is a video that you watch often it can be convenient to have it saved, so that you don’t have to re-stream it every time you want to watch it – or so you could transfer it to other devices and watch it there.

Despite how beneficial it would be to copy a YouTube video, the fact of the matter is that YouTube itself doesn’t have that option. Because of that if you want to get the job done you will need to look for another method – and Movavi Screen Recorder can provide that.

If you want to learn how to copy a YouTube video with Movavi Screen Recorder, you essentially need to set it up to record the YouTube video from your screen. That isn’t nearly as complicated or involved as it sounds, and if you want to get started just open up the YouTube video you want to copy and launch the screen recorder.

As soon as you launch Movavi Screen Recorder, you should draw a frame over the YouTube video you want to copy with your mouse cursor – letting it know that you want it to record that area. After you do the interface will appear, and you can adjust the frame manually or use one of the presets listed under ‘Capture Area’ if you prefer.

Rather than manually controlling the recording, you could click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon on Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface and set a timer that corresponds to the YouTube video’s duration. For live videos you could even schedule both a start and stop time, to fully automate it.

When you’re ready, you should click on the ‘REC’ button so that Movavi Screen Recorder begins recording then play the YouTube video. If you set a timer you won’t need to do anything else, but if not you just need to wait and click ‘Stop’ when the video is done.

After the video is recorded it will automatically be saved in MKV format and a preview window will appear. In that window Movavi Screen Recorder will let you trim out any parts you don’t want or save the video in a different format.

On the whole that’s all you need to know to copy YouTube videos, but there’s a lot of depth to Movavi Screen Recorder that you may want to explore. Its features will let you set the audio source, adjust the frame rate, capture keyboard and mouse actions, and more. Although you don’t need those features for now, it is worth trying them out in case you ever need to record other types of videos from your screen.

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