Head Meet Phone

Headphones are, in essence, your personal traveling sound system: they need to be comfortable, powerful and reasonably priced. Without considerations of room acoustics, you are free to choose based on your own personal preferences and style.

The headphone market is larger than you might think. Gone are the days of foam covered plastic sitting awkwardly on top of your ears, rubbing them in all the wrong places: today’s headphone market features any number of options from earbuds to noise-cancelling headsets.


Earbuds are a common choice for many; they hang in the ears without completely plugging the ear canals. These can be comfortable but are also more prone to falling out should your chosen activities be of a more intense variety. Running with earbuds, for example, can sometimes mean constantly placing and replacing your earbuds while you attempt to find that perfect running rhythm.

In-ear headphones fit nicely in the ear canals and they block out sound quite well. These are a good option as they are quite small but very powerful. Sometimes with in-ear buds however noise on the wire connecting to your music device can mean static or disruption to your musical experience: just make sure to test the headphones whenever possible.

On-ear headphones sit comfortably (most of the time) on your ears but don’t seal in sound the way other models do. These are a good option as they fit snugly around your head, however, for an even more exciting sound experience you should go for over-ear headphones, which envelope the entire ear. Pricier models of over-ear headphones can cancel out sound almost entirely which creates an isolated and quality experience for any listener.

Overall, when you’re buying headphones it’s important to consider what type of consumer you are. Are you serious about music and can you observe the nuances of a finely produced track? Or are you more of a passive listener, bobbing along to the beats of your youth as you window shop or ride the bus? Whatever your musical preference is, research is key. The market for any consumer product is flooded with options, maybe even too many for any one person to be able to research thoroughly. Making a decision about which product to spend your hard earned money on can be daunting in the face of so many choices.

But thanks to online forums, picking the right earphones can be so much easier, as you will be able to discuss everything from sound quality to colour – reviews written by customers will also help you greatly towards picking the right pair of earphones.

Before you purchase, make sure to take the time to find the right headphones for you and your specific ear and music related needs. The ultimate benefit of having so many options is that you can almost always find the right set at the right price.


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