Four Essential Items For Opening a Data Center

Four Essential Items For Opening a Data CenterA data center is used to provide superior computing, telecommunications and storage systems. It is wise to construct a facility where the environmental temperature, humidity, vibrations and power generation can be carefully controlled and regulated. The four essential items for opening a data center are: 1) Environmental Control, 2) Computer Networks, 3) Information Technology Technicians and 4) Back-Up Electricity Generation.


1) Environmental Control


Computers function at their peak performance in a cool, dry environment. There could be static electricity discharge problems if moisture gets into the electrical equipment. A self-contained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is essential to providing the most efficient environment for data processing.


Firms expect the data center to be fully functional when all else fails. Raised floors, mobile rack mounts and special architectural designs are used to protect sensitive equipment from vibrations caused by vehicles, construction or earth movements. Tight environmental control of the data center infrastructure ensures that it can keep Web sites running.


2) Computer and Electrical Equipment


Data centers include a variety of types of computers, monitors, scanners, printers, servers, telephony equipment, routers, mainframes, switches and miles of wires. Mobile rack mounts organize this processing equipment into concise compartments to maximize space. This way professionals can concentrate on providing the best service to their customers.


3) Information Technology Technicians


One of the key advantages of the modern data center is the establishment of a core group of information technology professionals. Most businesses don’t have a lot of money to continually train their IT staff in the latest technological innovations. At a data center, the training program is part of the job and a fixed part of the budget so that technicians can maintain their expertise in the latest industry developments. Problem-solving tips can be shared by the IT technicians working together.


4) Independent Power Generation


Modern data centers need to have their own independent power generation to be economically viable. Mission critical data cannot depend upon the local electricity company to get their power lines up and running again. Backup batteries or generators must be the last line of defense for data security.


Proximity to the power grid can make a data center more efficient since electricity can amount to 10% of the total cost of ownership for a data center. Mobile rack mounts provide modular flexibility and the ability to re-arrange the equipment if there are any electrical problems.

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