Five Ways The Military Has Gotten Safer Over the Years

Five Ways The Military Has Gotten Safer Over the YearsBeing in the military has always been a dangerous job and undoubtedly always will be, However our technology is becoming more and more advanced, providing more safety gear for our troops making them more safe than ever. With new technology we are finding new ways to keep our soldiers safe while deployed, here are some of the ways that being in the military has become much less dangerous over the years.


Light Weight Body Armor.


Back in the time of world war one soldiers had to endure clumsy bullet proof armor that weighed upwards of forty pounds and wasn’t the most reliable for stopping larger caliber bullets. Now the military uses Kevlar which is much lighter weighing little enough for soldiers to wear a whole body suit and still be very mobile. While still being fabric these suits are capable of stopping bullets and only fall short when it comes to armor piercing bullets.


Military Drones.


The armed forced used to have to rely entirely on manned recon missions or stolen intelligence when moving into hostile territory making it difficult to fully know what is lurking around the corner or if they are being led into an ambush. We have since developed a way of doing recon without putting a human being in any form of danger using a military drone. These unmanned miniature airplanes are capable of surveying an area by flying over it and taking pictures or even video. Some of these military drones are equipped with missiles to if an area is particularly hostile they are capable of striking without putting our soldiers at risk.




The more information our soldiers have the better. The military has utilized satellites to take pictures of large scale areas to gather information. The cameras on these satellites are incredibly powerful and capable of zooming in on the words on a paper in an enemies hand making it possible for our military to decipher possible threats or planned attacks.


Better Equipped Vehicles.


Far gone are the days where a soldier would ride into combat on an ill equipped motorcycle. Today we have bullet proof vehicles with heat signature scanners to detect enemies as well as metal detectors to locate possible improvised explosive devices. These newer vehicles even have better designed seating arrangements proven to protect our soldiers better that conventional seating.


Military Robots.


The advances in technology have made it possible for the military to employ robots in their efforts. Some are remote controlled to diffuse bombs making it safer for ground troops to travel on roads. Currently the military is developing an exo suit that would make it possible for soldiers to carry more gear like deployable military cases and go longer without taking rest brakes.


While war and combat are always going to be dangerous it is becoming a different scenario that will hopefully lead to resolutions while minimizing casualties.

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