Decorate with Eclectic Flair!

Artisanal décor is the latest rage. Mosaic patterns, handcrafted items, and bright hues are all in style, but how do you pull it all together? Here are some tips to make the latest trend meld smoothly into your current décor without having to totally redo your entire house:

Pick a focal point in each room. Whether it’s a rug or a wall or a stunning picture, having one main piece that draws the eye when you walk in will give you something to build around. Check out a website such as Horchow to get supreme decorating ideas, and if you find something that catches your eye use a Horchow coupon to save on your room’s new beginning.

Add to the theme. Once you have your focal point pick out a couple of colors that either complement or accent it. Add a pop of color in strategic spots throughout the room to bring it together with the focal piece.

Consider painting one wall a vibrant accent color that will reflect your focal point. A single wall can add depth or warmth to a room or the opposite: make it cozier and cooler. You can use an online painter to get visual ideas of how your room might look with specific colors.

Use fabric to add to the flair. Chair covers and linens can change up a kitchen in an hour; a soft throw and a few cushions can add a pop of color to a dull living room. You can do the same throughout the house: linens for the bedroom, towels and rugs in the bath can give you an instant makeover.

Make your lamps light up your room. Check out the lighting options at Horchow for ideas on using light to make a décor statement in every room. From reading lamps to chandeliers to ceiling fans you can brighten every room with a well chosen light fixture!

Remember the small stuff. A little shelf with an artisan pitcher, a unique centerpiece on the dining room table, or a lovely bowl to hold soaps in the bath will all add ambiance to your home.

Don’t forget the outside! A pretty planter by the front door, a lovely fountain by the deck, or sparkling party lights in the back yard can finish your décor with flair.

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