Curtis Cripe: Why Neural Engineering is A Fast Growing Area of Medicine

It is well known that the medical industry is very large and continuing to grow unabated. The industry is fueled by the consistent need to treat people and keep them healthy throughout their lives. As populations age around the world primarily because of better access to quality medical care, these populations require more costly medical care.

Medical care breaks down into three critical areas:


This includes ensuring that people have access to doctors who can provide them check-ups and quality medical advice. This is critical because it prevents people from getting ill and catches most medical issues before they become serious problems. There is a worldwide agenda to provide preventative medical care to the entire world.

To meet this goal countries are enacting many strategies including mobile medical centers that are able to go to patients who cannot come to a stationary clinic. Many people live too far away from a quality medical facility and as a result they may never get to one for a check-up. Their only visit might be when they have a debilitating illness or a pregnancy. This lack of access to care not only puts them in a disadvantage because of treatment it also does not give them an ability to be advised on good health strategies that they should enact and that will cause them to lead healthier lives.

These mobile facilities are fully outfitted and can provide detailed medical exams and diagnose many common health issues on site. The vans are staffed by medical personnel and parked in a central location for several days or weeks and then the word goes out to the surrounding communities. People are encouraged to bring their families so everyone is examined, and this is done at no charge to the patients.


Treatment therapies have grown exponentially for nearly every type of illness or disease. Gone are the days of one size fits all treatments. Today doctors can design a specific treatment based on your specific DNA. This allows for more effective treatments and less negative side effects.

The next steps are treatments that include the DNA from the actual patient. Doctors will literally let a patient’s body create its own treatments.    


Cure is a word that doctors do not use often, but it is the most welcome word in the profession. Doctors today feel the right to use this word more and more as medical advances exhibits ways to achieve cures.

One area where huge advances are being made is in the area of injuries to the nervous system. These injuries prove to be some of the most devastating because they can remove motor function to some or all of the body. Nervous system injuries including those caused by spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries stroke and brain cancer can affect those of any age and often result in severe debilitation.

New industries like Neural Engineering holds great promise for treatment of these injuries but the industry also points to potential cures. Doctors like Curtis Cripe who are experts in the field focus on the understanding, repairing, replacing the body’s neural systems. They utilize technology that combines living tissue with artificial devices to restore function. Although we are certainly at the beginning of where this industry is headed, all indication are that there will be actual cures emerging from it in the not too distant future.



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