Choosing Outdoor Sports for Effective Team Building Activities

A great mind once said that one finger cannot squash a flea; there needs to be an opposite force to complete the task. Likewise, the world would not be where it is now if everyone worked alone; even the kings of the wild hunt in synchronized and structured packs. Teamwork has challenged, inspired, motivated, and encouraged human beings for thousands of years. As such, there needs to be excellent team building activities that will ensure that everyone moves ahead in one solid, stable and sturdy chain.
So what are the choices?

The usual paper puzzles, scribbling hints of whiteboards, or building bridges with straws have become dull and lifeless; and most people come back to the office skeptical, tired and bored stiff. When almost everyone is thinking that it was all a big waste of time, change is mandatory. It is definitely time to shake things up and discover a more exciting method of team building. Outdoor sports are an excellent way to get people invigorated and ready to break walls in the corporate sphere.

The Benefits of Outdoor Team Building

Individually, sports and team building have abounding benefits; but when combined, the result is a definite recipe for success. It is not necessary to have sport genes in your system and the more amateur you are, the better. You can expect a lot of falling, laughing, soaking, crashing and running; the aim is to get participants to let loose and get their minds in the game. However, it is important not to confuse team building with team recreation; the former is specially designed to improve team performance.

Sports means tournaments that will get employees to form teams and battle each other. Human beings have a natural instinct to compete, and once adrenalin levels spike, teamwork, decision-making, and strategy come into play. It is a good way for management to evaluate split-second judgments, leadership, as well as how different people behave in the face of pressure, winning, or losing. What’s more; it is the perfect way to burn some calories and personally assess fitness levels.

There is an expansive list of team sports to choose from; soccer, baseball, volleyball and tennis just to mention a few. Tennis in particular is a full-body low-impact sport that is ideal for any age and does not require a lot of strength or skill; you might want to encourage some tennis lessons. Apart from health benefits, tennis players are known to have more verve, optimism and self-esteem. Whether or not that is true, vigilance and tactical are key in the game.

You do not need to adhere to the strictness and structure of contemporary sports; it is advisable to break monotony and stimulate creativity. If you have a large group for instance, you may decide to spice things up and split them into players, coaches, cheerleaders, judges, commentators, and spectators. Be sure to rotate the schema to get everyone participating.

Not every other alfresco sport is everyone’s cup of tea and before you go making an outrageous itinerary, be sure that everyone is able and willing to participate. Inducing fun and adventure in team building will enhance bonding and in turn create a happier more effective workforce.

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