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Getting Back in Shape After Giving Birth

After giving birth, the new mom is probably feeling out of shape. She looks down at her flabby stomach and gives a sigh. The good news is that the average woman might lose up to 35 pounds, after giving birth. The not so good news is that the average new mom feels to tired to exercise. Don’t keep procrastinating about getting back in shape. Now, is the perfect time to start taking control of your life and your body again. The well-known health company, Mannatech ( shared some great tips for  on their blog which we have summarized below:

Start Exercising Slowly
Most new moms are feeling very tired and lack energy. Therefore, it is a good idea to take it slow. You don’t have to jump into an exercise program full force. Start with small steps. For example, take your baby to the park in a stroller. Walk briskly, to burn extra calories. It probably will start to feel good to stretch out your legs and get out into the open air with your baby too. Of course, you could also simply leave your baby at home with your significant other, and just walk around the block a few times. Practice several times per week for at least fifteen minutes.

Lifting Weights Builds Muscles/Strength
Most women assume that lifting weights, builds big bulky muscles. This is wrong. Men have testosterone that builds those big bulky muscles. Women do not. Lifting weights should speed up losing weight. Studies show that weight lifting builds lean muscles and reduces fat. Join a weight lifting class at the gym or download software applications to your tablet or smart-phone that demonstrate the proper way to lift weights. After lifting weights a few weeks, you’ll have plenty of strength and stamina to keep up with your new baby.

Eat Nutritional Meals
Learn to eat healthier and more nutritional meals. Fill your plate with fresh vegetables and fruits. Ask your doctor, if it is safe for you to take a multi-vitamin supplement on a daily basis.

Get Rest
New moms that are stressed out, tend to overeat and keep the baby fat much longer. Instead, plan some quiet time to take a quick nap in the middle of the day, if possible. This should give a boost to your energy levels and reduce those food cravings.

Network With New Moms
Find several other new moms and form an exercise group. Plan jogs or walks together each morning to help each other lose the baby fat. Studies show that joining a group is very helpful to new moms trying to lose weight.

Stylish Attire that Doubles for Safety

Stylish Clothing

Most people like wearing stylish clothes. There is a direct correlation between looking good and feeling good. The amazing thing is there are now stylish clothes that can protect you in a variety of ways. Below are some companies who have managed to combine style with true functionality.

Undercover Colors

Undercover Colors addresses the problem of women being unknowingly given date rape drugs and being sexually assaulted. One out of every six women are going to be assaulted. The number is staggering. They have given power back to women through the use of nail polish.

Undercover Colors has designed a nail polish with the ability to detect date rape drugs. All a woman has to do is polish her nails and then discretely dip one in her drink. If a date rape drug is in her drink her nail polish will change colors. This amazing idea, and stylish nail polish actually prevents sexual crimes.

Miguel Caballero’s Boutique

For anyone who enjoys a casual walk but is not in the best neighborhood, Miguel Caballero has you covered. He has designed a boutique full of well made stylish clothing. The clothing is also bulletproof.

This Colombian tailor has come to be called the armored Armani. His lone of clothing is both fashionable and discreet. It also has the ability to protect individuals who are faced with the danger of being shot every single day. He has taken fashion and turned it into protection. More information is available at

Clothing Providing Safety At Night

Cyclists and pedestrians traveling the roadways at night are in danger of being hit. The key to staying safe is being seen. The wrong type of reflective clothing is not the right answer to this problem.

There is a line of reflective jackets and shirts made to keep you visible. Unfortunately they usually can’t be seen from a great enough distance. You must be seen from the front as well as the back. Accessories such as battery operated wristbands and ankle bands are visible from 300 feet away. This is the amount of space a car needs to be able to stop when the car is traveling at 60 miles per hour.

Keeping yourself safe is imperative. There are products out there to help you accomplish this. Using these products is an intelligent choice and will help to keep you safe.

Score Big with these Super Bowl Party Health Tips

It seems like it was just yesterday that New Years was upon us, this is usually the time people opt for a healthier lifestyle. People begin gym memberships and healthy eating plans, but then Super Bowl Sunday creeps up. Even if you are not a fan of football, the show can be entertaining and filled with funny commercials and a great half time show. In addition to all the entertainment we are often surrounded by a smorgasbord of food. Here are a few tips to help stay on track during one of the highest food consumption days of the year:

Eat before the game
Don’t wait until the party to eat, begin the morning with a healthy breakfast. Eating something nutritious right before the party will help satisfy any hunger and reduce the chances of gouging during the game.

Work out
Wake up and work out, take a 30 minute walk or jog to break a sweat and get your metabolism going. Take advantage of this day to push yourself to your limits, you could reward yourself later with a delicious cheat snack.

It may sound simple, but it is vital to staying on track with your health resolutions. Try to maintain the minimum of 64 oz. During the game if you consume a different beverage, drink a glass of water soon after. This will help keep you full longer and help reduce regretful calorie intake.

Make and take a healthy dish
Others may be consuming unhealthy dishes, but giving yourself a healthy option does wonders for the waistline. A simple but popular dish is chips and guacamole. Guacamole can be modified many ways, so coming up with your own version will make others realize how delicious and healthy avocados are.

Take a snack pack
Take some Ziploc bags filled with healthy snacks to reduce the temptation. When pizza appears take out a snack bag of apples slices or celery sticks. Choosing simple and small things will help maintain those healthy choices.

Enjoy and have fun
There are plenty of healthy game day recipes available online as well as an abundance of healthy eating tips (check out Mannatech’s blog), some popular ones are buffalo cauliflower bites, sweet potato french fries, and popcorn. It’s Superbowl, and it’s a fun day, be mindful of your decisions and enjoy the game! If you keep to your routine and keep the indulges to a minimum it is okay to have two buffalo wings, or one slice of pizza, or even a small plate of chips and dip.

NFL Players Who Have Gone into Real Estate After Retirement

St Louis Cardinal fullback Jim Otis prepared for his retirement years. He planned to dive into real estate with a fellow classmate from Ohio State University. They made Otis and Clark Properties into a successful full service real estate business located in St. Louis. His partner is Clark Amos.

They offer clients all the services and work hard to make thing happens. That is what sets them apart, says Jim Otis. The two partners have a bond from attending the same university and coming from the same state. Jim finds real estate sites and negotiates deals and Amos manages property and construction.

They have been involved in real estate since 1982. Their work involves office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and a Starbucks located in Ferguson, MO. The Starbucks model was based on the company’s desire to open a store in a more diverse neighborhood. Otis began working in real estate during his off seasons when he played football. He trained for his second career early.

Both men take pride in their ability to find businesses a location that means success. They stay focused on each deal and treat each one differently. Their real estate company has a staff of five people. They have made more than enough to retire but love the work so they continue working at Otis & Clark Properties.

Than Merrill, former linebacker for the Chicago Bears started in real estate investing more on a whim after a career-ending knee injury in 2003 sidelined him from his NFL dream. He gained notoriety in the real estate world after his business CT Homes, LLC, based out of New Haven, CT was featured on the A&E TV Show “Flip This House” for several seasons. The show focused on house flippers, and Than and his business partners were extremely successful at it.

After 5 seasons, Flip This House ended and Than and his team started a new business in San Diego, California. The company’s main goal was to educate young real estate investors on the tools and tricks of the trade. His company, Fortunebuilders helps those looking to make a living in real estate investment by hosting seminars and educational conferences around the U.S.  For over ten years now, Than has educated thousands of people on how to become succesful in real estate and writes articles on a variety of real estate topics for The Huffington Post ( and several other online publications.


Healthy Incentives for Business – Cuts Costs and Helps Employees

Whether they deem it their job or not, businesses across the U.S. have a vested interest in maximizing the health and well-being of their employees. After all, obesity-related spends make up nearly 20 percent of all U.S. medical costs per year and obese individuals spend 42 percent more on healthcare costs, according to the Journal of Health Economics. Increased medical costs are also prevalent in Workers’ Compensation insurance, as those struggling with obesity are more likely to require a longer time to heal away from work.

How do the costs of obese workers compare with their healthier counterparts? According to statistics from Gallup, Duke University Medical Center and, work-related injuries of obese employees are 25% higher, and compensation claims are filed twice as much. The cost of those medical claims are also seven times higher than employees at a healthy weight. Obese employees are also more likely to be absent, averaging ten times more days off for a work injury or illness.

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Profiting From Real Estate In San Diego

Why Is Now The Perfect Time To Live In San Diego?
The near 70 degree temperatures year round makes San Diego a great place to work and live. You can ditch your winter clothes because temperatures in the suburbs can reach 80 degrees. The real estate market in San Diego is remarkable and your dream home could cost you just under $1,500. Buying a home now is a great time for a reasonable mortgage. La Jolla Cova is a stretch of breathtaking pristine waters and warm beach sand in your feet located in the downtown province area.

Other Attractions & Events

– Local beer
– Wildlife
– Cuisine heaven
– Pacific Beach
– Whale watching
– (3) top universities
– Japanese Friendship Garden
– Hookah Bars
and a lot more…

The Current Real Estate Market In San Diego

San Diego offers the perfect mixture of an urban and suburban lifestyle. Its safe and affordable and more real estate professionals are benefiting from that. More and more, people are looking for a decent place to live, work, and raise a family. Their community lifestyle promotes a good education and employment. Almost every year, SD has been voted one of the top 10 best cities to live in the US. It is inevitable, potential buyers will find San Diego a wonderful place to live. Most people living there are thriving on a above median income. Commercial real estate is also a great investment in San Diego. In fact, residents are more than willing to pay to live in perpetual sunshine.

The land mass encourages a wide variety of community lifestyles. If you don’t want to live in a big city like Los Angeles, San Diego is the best alternative. You’ll live at a slower pace, but never having to compromise having something to do. Residents choose from a plush high rise, walkable neighborhoods, a oondo, historical Victoria homes and more.

Top Real Estate Experts In San Diego

Keller Williams Carmel Valley Realtor’s is based in San Diego and specialize in the sale or resale of your home. They offer great prices including short term leasing deals and foreclosures. Carmel Valley will have the discreet resale of your property.

Than Merrill has been in the business of making a profit from San Diego Real Estate for many years. He also has celebrity status from having a show on HGTV – meaning he has some great connections. His expertise is in the resale of commercial and home real estate.

Contact your local San Diego real estate expert on more details about the sale or resale of your commercial, multi-complex, or residential property.


Small Improvements to Increase House Value

People often think that it takes a major over-haul to significantly increase the value of one’s home. The truth is that there are several small steps that can be that will make a huge difference in upping one’s home value. The following article will provide simple and practical steps that anyone can do and that will significantly increase the value of one’s home.


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the look of the exterior of one’s home is that first impression. Simple changes to the exterior of a house can make all the difference in the world.

  • Changing the exterior door is an easy fix that can add significant value to one’s home. Replacing the front door should be a real option since you can up your home’s energy efficiency, add a touch of character—all without breaking the bank!
  • Enhancing the curb appeal to the exterior of a house is an affordable way to add significant value. Trim the plants and trees that are already on premise and invest in native plants to freshen up the landscaping. Adding a simple water drip system will offer one big rewards in the long run. Another way to spruce up the landscaping and increase value is to add shade trees to those parts of the yard that get the most sun exposure. Not only will they look good visually, but they will lower your energy costs as well. A definite added bonus.
  • While one may not be able to remodel the outside of the house, adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls will go a long way in pumping up the house value. It will make a house look more fresh and modern.


  • Replacing heavy curtains and draperies is a quick and easy way to make a room look bigger and more inviting.
  • Replacing outdated fixtures such as handles, knobs, and light fixtures is an easy way to modernize a house and make it look more appealing.
  • Having an interior designer come in for an afternoon can be invaluable as they can offer suggestions on how to rearrange furniture so that you house looks more open an inviting. It is a low cost and high reward step.
  • Bathrooms are the easiest place to increase the value in your house. Replacing an old vanity or countertop with a more modern unit will give you 100 percent return on your investment.
  • Kitchens are the most used and personal space in a house but a few changes can make all the difference. Painting old cabinet doors will add new life to a kitchen as well as replacing old appliances with stainless steel ones that appeal to everyone.
  • Decluttering your house is the easiest way to give it more appeal and will cost you nothing to do. Deep cleaning every room will completely breathe new life into your house.

These are just a few of the small steps that one can take to dramatically increase the value of their house.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

tumblr_nfyeckXgwz1tmk2f5o1_500Today’s style of living kind of makes you start thinking of a different way to live, because most of the products that you find in the stores for preparing your food are processed.
A better and healthier lifestyle means that you have to be careful about more than what you eat, but you also have to start thinking of practicing some physical exercises just to keep yourself fit and in a good shape.

However, you don’t need to make big changes in your way of living – you need to start small so that you organism can adjust to all the changes that you want to make.

Here are some tips about a healthier lifestyle, something that will definitely help you live longer and healthier.

Take Care of Your Sleep

One of the things that help you live healthier is the constant period of sleep that you need to have every night. The best period to sleep is between 10 pm and 6 am, this making it a total of 8 hours of sleep per night.

If you keep a good schedule of sleep every night, your organism will have time to regenerate and you won’t feel tired in the morning. There are a lot of processes that take place in your organism during the night, so you need to let it take a good period of rest before resuming to your daily activities. People can’t go without sleep for a long period of time, so taking care of your sleep will help you stay healthier and stronger.

Eating Healthy

LIFESTYLE1If you take care of your diet, you will be protecting your organism against different illnesses that could affect you. For example, the nutritionists say that you have to eat a mix diet of vegetables, meat and grains, making it a balanced diet.

Your body needs a lot of substances to sustain itself, so it’s not a good idea to quit eating something. It was proven by plenty of studies that those who adopt a vegetarian diet, eating only greeneries and vegetables are more sensible to developing different types of cancer.

That’s just one of the reasons why you have to eat everything that your organism doesn’t reject – make sure that you avoid those products that determine the apparition of allergies or other side effects.

Physical Exercises

Don’t avoid practicing a sport. A sport means that you can practice anything as long as you keep moving for at least half of hour every day. You could start swimming or jogging, playing tennis or volley ball, you could go to the gym and choose a fitness class or aerobic, or anything else that you might like.

The secret to this is that any kind of physical exercise will make all your muscles start moving, bringing you to a good level of physical and mental fitness. There is also another secret to this – it will help and improve your blood flow and your breathing, it will loosen up all the joints and muscles and it will make you feel even better.

Follow a Program

healthy-lifestyleIn anything that you do it’s great if you could follow a program or a schedule. Don’t live a messy life and take care of your own health. Today’s world determines you to have a hard job with strange hours of working in some cases, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of the rest of the things that fall into your own care.

Neglecting your own health can lead to other problems and being tired all the time is just one of the side effects that can appear. A healthier lifestyle means that you have to protect yourself first and take care of your own needs, and place everything else on a secondary plan.