Bob Mims Memphis on why Louisville Is Such a Great Place to Visit

For Bob Mims Memphis is home. However, another place that managed to steal his heart is Louisville. It is the place where he went to university and still spends every August, often to play a round of golf. As the CFO of a community foundation, he doesn’t have a lot of time to break out the clubs anymore, but he attempts to try it once a year anyway. Louisville, after all, was the home of 2008 Ryder Cup as well, which is just one of the reasons why the city is so special.

Bob Mims Memphis Louisville Reasons for Visit

  1. Louisville is a city in which everything is original. You may have heard of Muhammad Ali and Diane Sawyer, or of the Louisville Slugger and the Kentucky Derby. One report has stated that there are 120 different attractions in Louisville alone, from Babe Ruth’s 34” bat to the Muhammad Ali museum, so you will definitely never get bored!
  2. History is made here as we speak. There are some fantastic golfing traditions here, but it is also where you can visit the Belle of Louisville, cited as being the oldest Mississippi-style steam fired boat that is still in operations. Plus, Old Louisville is home to a huge number of Victorian homes. Nowhere else in the country are there this many of these homes. In fact, Old Louisville is the 3rd largest national historic district.
  3. You will never eat as well as you eat here. Sure, people may say that it is a sure-fire way to early cardiac arrest (the cheeseburger was born in Louisville), but there are many healthier dining experiences as well. Do also visit the bourbon lounges if you love the taste of this traditional Southern drink.
  4. The place is full of natural wonders. The Ohio Falls and the Ohio River are absolutely stunning, but so are the Devonian age fossil beds, which are fully exposed. Plus, you can go to the Louisville Zoo, where some 1,300 animals currently live.
  5. The nightlife here is absolutely amazing. Did you know that 90% of all this country’s disco balls are made in Louisville? No wonder the city is always on the news for something! But if you don’t like the disco, there are sports events, theaters, movies, music, and more. As a guideline, you cannot be bored in this city.

Louisville has something for everybody. It is also a real community. No one would so much as think about doing something wrong here. Store owners, for instance, have never seen anyone shoplift, simply because it’s not done. In Louisville, people support each other and live as a community. This is particularly what Bob Mims loves so much, and why he returns to this city again and again. Even if, some day, he loses his passion for golf, he feels that he will still return to Kentucky. It is the place that has his heart for many different reasons.

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