Benefits of Using the Top Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving is still quite new, but it is becoming more and more popular and, in fact, necessary for businesses. This is because most communication is now done online, using email for communication. Hence, top email archiving solutions are being developed. These types of solutions offer a number of key advantages to be aware of.

The Advantages of the Top Email Archiving Solutions

Presuming you have found a high-quality archiving solution, you will be able to access all of the following benefits:

  1. You will have a system in place that properly records all the data that is sent in and out of your company through email. This includes text and attachments.
  2. If you ever have to find an old email, whether that is because you had forgotten something contained within it, or because you have to be compliant with an eDiscovery request, you will be able to do so. The systems automatically index every email, and you can retrieve them by searching for the sender, the recipient, the date, or any keyword that relates to the content of the message itself.
  3. Good email archiving solutions also have spam filters attached to them. This means messages are removed before they enter the inbox of an employee. In so doing, you reduce the chance of someone accidentally clicking on a malicious link. At the same time, you increase productivity, because people no longer have to spend time reading irrelevant messages.
  4. All messages in the email archiving solution are stored in read-only format. This means that you can guarantee that they have not been altered or tempered with. Again, this is very important in line with eDiscovery requests, as you must be able to prove that the information contained within is authentic and genuine.
  5. These systems are very cost-effective. You have three key storage options available. The first is to have an in-house solution, which is the most expensive. The second is to use a third-party storage facility, which is somewhat more affordable. The final option is to use cloud storage, which is the most affordable and the most scalable of the three options, and therefore preferred.
  6. In case of disciplinary procedures against employees, all the evidence can be compiled with ease. Again, it is guaranteed to be accurate as it cannot be tempered with.
  7. The organizational servers will have far more space. Because there is no more need to store emails on the network, that space can be used for other things, or simply to make the entire system run better and quicker.

Looking at all these benefits, it quickly becomes obvious why these solutions are now so popular. That said, even if they didn’t bring all the benefits of being safe, secure, cost-effective, efficient, and more, the key factor is that they ensure businesses are compliant with relevant rules and regulations. For many businesses and industries, this is no longer a matter of choice, it is one of necessity.

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