Align RC Helicopters: Great for All Ages & Levels


Align rc helicopters are the best rc helicopters for all ages. The most superior RC Helicopters on the market are the Align Helicopters. In addition to offering the best in price, these helicopters also offer a great deal of flexibility in design, support, and parts ordering. The T-Rex brand of helicopters holds dominance in the market, although there are many clones being offered among the aftermarket, they are different in that they pale in comparison to the quality provided by Align.

Most recently, Align’s RC division has been focused on better performance modulation and continuing to appeal to the 3D enthusiasts. Their attention to detail stands out above everyone in the market. Their selection can appeal to even the most minor collector’s needs. Many versions are available with direct flight control. Year after year, the styles, colors, and graphics continue to exceed all expectation, drawing in all ages and all experience levels.

Align is also able to offer a helicopter to fit any sized budget. There is a wide range in sizes to choose from in the T-Rex division from extra small of 250 all the way up to the large 800. There is even a micro version available. All are electric powered and built to last. You can even obtain versions that are nitro powered! Some collectors even spend time on conversions utilizing turbine power.

Whether or not you are an expert or a novice, the Align Helicopter kits are an unforgettable experience to build. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or your one hundredth model to build; the parts are easily identifiable and include easy to follow instructions. The kits go together seamlessly and with very little effort.

With some of the parts being pre-assembled this can make it easier for even the most novice builder. The parts are labeled to correspond with the instructions so that they are easy to identify. This is something that will really appeal to a beginner builder. Expert builders who look to save time will also appreciate the ease of instruction as well. With the variance in the selection of the type of helicopters offered it is easy to find one that suits your needs and expectations.

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