A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about getting attention online by using social media. Usually, it involves making creative content that is shared by your audience. Ideally, the content you create actually goes viral, which means the whole world will get to see it. The problem is, however, that there are now so many different social media sites, each with millions of users, that it becomes hard to stand out. A professional social media marketing company can help you to make sure that you manage to stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing Across Different Sites

The main social media sites to focus on are:

  1. Facebook, which now has 2 billion monthly users. This means that you can literally reach a quarter of the earth’s population through a single post. It is unlikely that you will reach that many, but the potential is there and cannot be denied.
  2. Blogs, which are a great way for you to share opinions, news events, how to guides, and more. Blogs are a great way to show others that you are an authority in your field, while at the same time giving your audience the opportunity to communicate with you in return.
  3. Twitter, which is not as popular anymore, but has a tendency to develop trending hashtags. Furthermore, going viral on Twitter is much easier than going viral through any other medium, which is certainly a benefit.
  4. LinkedIn, which is the best professional network. While a large part of growing a business is about attracting new customers, it is also very important that you are able to network with other industry partners, experts, and even the competition. Furthermore, LinkedIn has some very important and active professional groups. It is also a great place to find new employees or to research applicants.
  5. YouTube, which is owned by Google and therefore a great way to increase your overall online exposure. You can make videos about just about anything. If a customer leaves a positive review, turn it into a video. If you have a new product, create a how-to video. Anything at all can be marketed through video. Best of all, you can share these videos through your various other channels.
  6. Google+, which, realistically, almost nobody uses. However, it belongs to Google and they like to see people have it as part of their strategy, almost instantly ranking pages higher if they have signed up to it. Additionally, they have strong links with third party review websites, which means it is an invaluable tool for your online reputation.
  7. Instagram, where you can create images of your products in action and share them with the world.
  8. Pinterest, where you can also share images of your products and services, while at the same time linking those to articles and guides on your blog.

These are just eight social media sites and there are many more. What this demonstrates is just how wide your reach can be.


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