5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a House in Texas

Although Texas is a vast and incredible state that covers endless land: there are some things that you should keep in mind regardless of where in the state you’re house hunting.


From the flood risk, even in the desert, to the economic growth that’s expected, these are the top five things you should consider before you buy!

The Flood History

Flooding is something every area of the country has to deal with: but Texas is hit harder than most states.  From monsoon season for the western portions of the state to hurricane season in the southeast, you need to know your area’s weather patterns.


Legally homeowners need to tell you about the flood history of a property, but you should still do your research just in case.  One easy way to do this is by comparing property values to major storms or flooding in the area.  If you notice a dip the year after a major storm, it’s time to ask some questions.

The Expected Growth in that Area

Much of Texas is expecting major economic growth because of the tech companies that are moving into this southern state.  Because of this, it’s important to consider whether you’re buying a home in an area that’s expecting a lot of growth within the next couple of years.


Although El Paso houses for sale won’t inflate as much in cost, cities like Austin and San Antonio are expecting a lot of change in the next three to ten years.

The Culture of the City You’re Moving to

Every city in Texas has a unique identity apart from any other.  Whatever type of attitude you expect from the city you’re moving to should help decide which city you pick.


From the sports and active lifestyle of Dallas to the tech firms of San Antonio and social justice of Houston- you’ll find something different in every area you pick.  Consider which city speaks most to you, and then move there.

The Age of Your Roof and Siding

Roofs and siding only have a set number of years that they’re good for, and in a state with as many varied climates as Texas has, it can be hard to pin down what that number is.  When you’re looking at properties, ask how old they are, how long the roof and siding have been on them, and look at them.


If you notice the roof looks older or the siding is starting to rot or mold, it may be ready to replace them.  Talk to the owner and see if they’ll be willing to lower the price to make up for this loss you’ll have to deal with after you purchase.

The Air Conditioning Situation

In Texas, summers can reach highs of 120 degrees if you’re in the desert.  It’s even worse if you live somewhere with a moist environment since you’ll have to deal with the thicker air and denser humidity.  Air conditioning is a must: so make sure the property you buy has a great HVAC system.

Your Future Home Should be Carefully Chosen

Whether you’re looking to settle down or you’re hoping to make this into an investment property: it’s vital that you do your research on any property you consider.  When you make the right choice, you’ll love living in Texas!

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