4 tips on taking a business into the 21st century

Businesses need to advance their technology in order to be in with a chance at being successful.  Technology progresses with time and the fact is, that most business based technology is beneficial to progressing as a company, otherwise it wouldn’t exist.  An example of technology forcing businesses to advance or fail is travel agencies.  Travel agencies were extremely successful physical businesses but soon after the internet came, the companies who did not migrate their store online failed and went out of business.  Here are four technology tips to aid in advancing a business:

Subscribe to innovation management software

Innovation is a key part of advancing as a company but without proper planning it can often be nowhere near as good as it should be.  Subscribing and getting innovation management software saas tools is a great way to plan innovation ideas.  It offers a fantastic way to see exactly what ideas employees have suggested, vote on if you think the idea will be beneficial and view a planned pipeline that follows progression of the idea.

Internal instant messaging

Medium to large companies are now using an internal instant messaging program in order for their employees to communicate with each other.  This is a method that is cheap, fast and time saving.  If a company has different territories all over the world then fast and cheap communication is imperative.  Creating an email and sending it to a colleague then waiting for their response can often be extremely time consuming, especially if the question you have only requires a short and quick response.  With instant messenger you can send the question to your colleague which they will receive a notification immediately and can respond quickly and without having to create an email.

Employee monitoring

It´s extremely important that employees are working their hardest at all times.  Companies want to have peace of mind that their employees are not wasting time, a waste of company time is a waste of money and can slow down processes and targets.  Monitoring software basically eliminates the need to stand behind an employee that you expect to be wasting time in order to catch them in the act.  It gives you access to view what they are doing or have done at any time you like, from your computer.

Online presentations

Again, for multinational companies it´s necessary to hold online presentations on a regular basis.  If holding meetings on a regular basis it´s expensive to travel across to a different state or country every single time, so holding them online using this type of software can save a great amount of money.  With the ability to invite and host a huge number of attendees.  Even companywide meetings can be held in order to address employees with clarity and ease.  In many cases, these types of meeting can hold more attendees than any physical meeting room in the world.


Remember that part of being a successful business is keeping up with technology as it will offer ways to perform better and keeps you level with other businesses, that may not be as good as yours, from taking over solely due to their technology.



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