4 Essential Ways for Marketing Massage Business

Massage therapy in Philadelphia is no longer a luxurious treat but a standard procedure for combating stress and chronic pain. However, selling your massage business can be an uphill task if you are not creative in developing a marketing structure that will make you stand out from your competitors.

The chances are that you are excellent at what you do, but the clients are not coming through your door or sorting your services like you would wish to. Worry not because we are going to dive into the vital ways that will give your massage service a boost.

Let us get to it right away

Create Great Content

You want to give your potential clients an overview of what it is they need to expect once they reach out for your services. Give information that is unique and if you offer services that are different from your competitors then include this piece of information beautifully to capture their attention.

If you have a “hook,” then include it strategically to avoid giving out way too much of your special offer. You know how chefs give you the idea of their special menu but are careful not to give away the ingredients for that special treat? Exactly!

Build Your Brand

Branding is everything for the success of any business. Massage services entail dealing with clients who want to unwind, relax or relieve pain from injuries. Brand your business in a way that it appears to be more friendly, playful and not too tacky.

Give your clients the feeling that when they seek your services, you will extensively cover their health, pampering and wellness expectations. Let your main aim be to connect with clients and your marketing tone may be casual and fun but professional at the same time.

Establish your business on websites that have good reviews and reputation. Provide unique, clear visual images and possibly DIYs videos or recipes on the sites to give your business a boost and that desired edge over your competitors.

Have Enough Helpful Information

Share information that is useful and helpful to your potential clients without being too vague or ambiguous. Most massage providers make the mistake of giving long and wordy information forgetting that clients rush through ads and get bored with long texts.

Be clear, concise and precise in the information to capture, entertain and provoke the intended emotion of your clients.

Give Exclusive Incentives

Once you have beautifully captured the attention of your clients, try offering exclusive deals like a 45- minute free massage. You can do this for first-time clients or remind them that you are discrete in your services and building a personal relationship is beneficial to both of you. Whether you are giving a massage or body rub, use incentives to market your services and see the exponential potential it will have on your overall business performance.

Use Incentives as a marketing strategy because people want to feel special and your repeat clients might help as much in recommending you to their friends.


Marketing your massage business should not be rocket science. Give your business the extra touch of class and quality then watch the numbers in appointments rise.





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